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William Craig Pugh


The Writing Dog 

Welcome to the home of The Writing Dog, aka; Scripto Canem. Double Leo. Vegetarian. Peace advocate. Astrologer. Astronomer. Literary omnivore. Poet. Screenwriter. Short stories. Dreamer. Coffee connoisseur. Reformer. Animal lover. Striving spirit. Raging angel. Grandfather. Military brat. Military veteran. Teacher. Editor. Author. Insomniac. Driven. 100 mph guy in a 50-mph world. 

Poems for Pickin'

Pure Prairie Poetry

Ranging from the silly to the sublime, the cosmic to the comedic, and the tragic to the absurd the author's interests in astronomy, astrology and mythology make much of his poetry particularly colorful. While the volume starts out invoking pleasant scenes of bygone eras and neighborhood bars, it ends up with poetry on world events that is frighteningly real: January 6, guns, democracy, and dictators. And of course, Ukraine. Replete through all of these verses are deep insights into human relationships, and a quest for spirituality.

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