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Barriers To Happiness

Barriers To Happiness

Barriers To Happiness

As your Spiritual Guide and Integrative Empowerment Life Coach I will support you in identifying your specific barriers to happiness. I will introduce you to energy healing techniques such as Reiki, Meditation, and Sound Healing. Certainly, there are situations that we find stressful. But even more important is what we think about the happenings. Our thoughts, perceptions and interpretations of these stressful situations are the most important piece. These thoughts, perceptions and interpretations are not usually rational, but are programmed in experiences from earlier in our life - and even before this life...

Stress and Barriers to health and happiness come from:

Uncleared traumas - These can be traumas from our adult life, childhood developmental traumas and repetitive painful experiences, unremembered traumas (pre-school, first year of life, birth traumas, intrauterine traumas, past life traumas).

Negative Conclusions from these traumas which become negative core beliefs - These can be limiting or diminishing beliefs about ourselves, about others, about life. Limiting beliefs about what we can or can not do, what our worth or value is, what is possible for healing, and what we can expect from the world and other people. They might also be family beliefs about who gets sick, how we get sick, and how we do or don't heal.

Downloads from our parents - We literally "download" our parents ways of functioning, how they deal with stresses, challenges, each other and life. Genetic memories - information encoded in our DNA whether from 2 or 200 generations ago...

Incessant chatter in our minds - This chatter often rehearses our negative beliefs and cause us stress.

Why is it difficult to Overcome these barriers to Happiness

The number one problem is that most of our barriers are unconscious, since about 95% of all our behaviors are unconscious. Are we doomed or is there something we can do about this problem of suffering physically, emotionally and relationally?

Since these traumas, beliefs, downloads, and genetic memories are just encodings of information in the energy of our bodies and the energy fields, we can use many different healing modalities to support releasing these barriers that hold us back and keep us from True Happiness...

Take the time to go with in and ask what are your barriers to happiness to begin the process of awareness. If you are interested in learning more about healing severe traumas research EMDR, EFT and TFT as they are being utilized more and more every day due to their growing success in releasing these barriers.

The good news is that learning about what these barriers are and being observant about how they might be affecting you allows you to become more conscious about your experience and understand patterns in your life that might not be serving your highest good or potential. It teaches us to adapt our thinking and be present in the now so we are not reacting out of a programmed consciousness that is leading us into more recycled trauma...

I would like to Site Henry Grayson, Ph.D. and his book, Use Your Body to Heal Your Mindset, as his information has inspired me to learn more about this topic and share it with others...

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